h o m e   p a g e e v e n t s l o c a t i o n s p e o p l e


This site is a reflection of a literary work in progress. As work on the novel progresses this site will develop, information will be added, new sections will crystallize and details will come into focus. None of the actual text of the novel will appear here, it will be a selective repository of notes, background information and graphics inspired by the characters, scenes and events in the story.


The site will mostly be of use to myself. Through the record made here and the activity of creating and maintaining the web site I hope to add an extra dimension to the end result and help along the authoring process. This site will also provide a coherent location to assemble the disparate resources that I need to hold in my mind in order for the story ideas to germinate, take root and grow. Already, many characters places and events have been sown only to wither and die, and I expect many more to suffer the same fate before the story is written.


Aryn is the centre of the story. All ultimately revolves around her. You can learn a little about her by reading the short story you can find from her page. I'm afraid that story will not give you much of an idea as to the nature of the novel. All I will say is that the main thread of the novel takes place after the short story and also that Arcadia does not feature in it at all.


Should you wish to contact me about any aspect of this website or the ayrn project, you can email me at info at aryn dot co dot uk (the email is written like that to help keep the spammers at bay). I cannot promise to answer all emails - but I will most certainly read them all.